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Simplify the Management of
Your Speaker Bureau

Streamline workflow while ensuring compliance

Our Speaker Bureau Platform provides compliant and easy-to-use online tools for recruiting, contracting and training speakers for your professional medical education programs. In addition, the platform enables you to securely distribute and track promotional and training materials.

Fully customizable

We can customize the platform to meet your specific regulatory and business requirements. The platform can also be skinned to adopt your brand’s colors and logo.

Use the platform to manage all aspects of your pharmaceutical speaker bureau:

  • Speaker nominations, recruitment and contracting
  • Vetting of speaker credentials
  • Meeting attendance and sign-In
  • Logistics integration and calendar
  • Presentation asset management
  • Speaker training

Nobody looks forward to learning yet another software program. That’s why we’ve spent hundreds of hours testing and refining our user interface. The result is a Speaker Bureau Platform that’s simple and intuitive—for you and your speakers.

Speakers can easily:

  • Train at their own pace
  • Track their training progress
  • Download up-to-date presentation assets
  • Browse their upcoming speaker events without visiting a second site
  • Add events to their personal calendar
  • Access a library of approved resources, such as MOA videos and FAQs
  • Access a help screen at any time

Program coordinators can easily manage and update:

  • The user database
  • Training materials
  • Presentation assets based on training prerequisites and user ID
  • How notifications of speaker activities are received

Easy to Use

Only 10 speakers?
More than 12 brands?
We've got you covered!

Our platform scales to accommodate any number of speakers, bureaus or brands, from one to 100.


Control Access

Speakers can access only the presentation asset(s) on which they have been trained.

Integrated Logistics

Using data from your logistics vendor, speakers can see a personalized calendar of their speaker engagements.

Compliance Alerts

The platform matches a speaker’s integrated calendar with the date of their most recent asset download, providing notifications and alerts to relevant stakeholders to ensure compliance.

Online Training

Provide integrated online training and track progress and completions. Ensure only those speakers who have successfully completed the training can access presentation assets.

Nominations and Contracting

Manage the recruitment and contracting of speakers in full compliance.